I remember you old friend
but you looked at me as a stranger
some wanderer
invading your life
your memories
some spirit
bending petals
contaminating your environment
changing your equilibrium.

I Remember you old friend
your rigidity
to genteel for the war
listening to his plea
‘make it new’
there is nothing there
just dust floating in the air
flavorless in all its lyricism.

I remember you old friend
telling stories of clouds
listening to him singing songs of limbo
but you were just full—
stop. Afraid of your narrations
disappearing into the sea
crashing into the rocks releasing tears
afraid that your footprints are easily erased by the sea.

We did this several times over
but there were times
those few seconds of recognition
I saw the look of resemblance
just for those few seconds
smile not born of awkwardness
for I was born from you
you were gone again.

I remember your presents
your gift I bring one each time
small tastes
in proper form
in hopes of mending us
still you see me
creating waves
muddying your water
jagging your symmetry.

I remember you old friend
absorbed with uniformity
consistent with your words
your mind mirroring your home
only white
plain white
just white
bare white

Just White.


© 2015 mmsalandy All Rights Reserved


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