Charades (continued)


Red muddied puddles

Dig into the earth

Opening up to envelop its victims


A creator of monstrosities


Disguises to preserve

Your tapping offends

My shoulders

Yet I nod

Detesting your audaciousness


Crudeness I loathe

You constantly filling the air with your polluted words

Blatantly happy with your profanities

Yet patiently I ignore

Create gaps your sentences, making a symphony of your words


A lonely tremble 

Shaking the earth

Spewing ash on tabletops


A maker of horrors


Masks to upkeep

You break my glass with yours

Your wild enthusiasm


I persist


Upholding my guise

Dancing is expected at these rituals

Again, you fail

Carefully I glide evaluating my every step

A verse to normality 

© 2015 / M.M.Salandy All Rights Reserved


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