The writing process / Words lost at sea


Day one

Open seas

Opportunities endless

The water mine

The current flows in my direction

My boat, a paper

My paddle, a pen, for keeping my direction

I, carry particles of sand with me to build a castle.

Day two

The water endless

too large to fill

nerves set in

mind exhausted

Hands tired

my paddle pen slitting into my paper boat

my craft slowing becoming water logged.

Day three

Barely staying afloat

water soaking through my words

ink released into the sea

darkening the horizon

pen dismembered

boat torn

its captain, captured by the undercurrent.

Day four

Head smashed into rocks

Numbness of hands

Water filled of emptiness

Words hardened

Bubbles float to the air

Lungs tighten

Restricted of thought.

Day five

Washed upon land

I dreamt of the gracefulness of drowning

The soft hands

The lightness I possessed

Then, shocked to the heart emotions returned

Me, a scavenger of the journey

The result, a poem

Titled Words lost at sea : the emotions of writing –


© 2015 / M.M.Salandy All Rights Reserved


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