Unhealthy eating

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Unhealthy eating has never tasted so sweet


unhealthy livers has never tasted so sweet

“foie gras”

it sounds so exotic

a delicacy


You sit and order while the musicians play

serenating the occasion

the music the very best of Vivaldi I imagine 

(press play and continue reading!)

fatty liver cooked to perfection

humanely killed you envision

well treated right to the very end


This is fine dining

it is an experience for you and your meal, I assure you!

I digress

slivered with grace

cut with poise into slender pieces

seasoned with salt and pepper

sautéed in canola oil until deliciously golden outside and pink inside




The music and environment disguises the savageness of the meal

or maybe it was the hint of brandy embedded in the meat

perhaps, it was the Citrus Purée that softened the view

probably it was the citrus aroma that made you think of plants, not the caged bird overly stuffed

certainly, it was the amazing layout of the plate that made you think of the feast as art

the sauce forming an elegant welcoming pattern for your eyes to feast upon before delving in

most likely, it was the price that led you to believe that all was well

Undoubtedly, it was the glass of wine you had before you exited

Goodbye, do come again it certainly was a pleasure.

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