Burial of Dreams (Edited Version)

Captured dreams wither.

Chains slowly drag on floors –


breaking open the ground,

leaving behind red orange stains in its path.

Forgotten it’s not,

as the land becomes exhausted overcrowded by occupants.

Large boulders of stone lay watch over them, as they restlessly rest.

Inscribed the day they were born and when they came to stay in this garden.

Endless flowers feed the earth and take stay in this residence.

The mind the wearer of black garments.

Visitors few,besides the upholder of this garden.

Grieving is not welcomed in this plot!

Rearrangements of tenants, forbidden.

Watering disturbs the hopeful residents.

So wisely water the nurseries.

© 2015 mmsalandy.wordpress.com / M.M.Salandy All Rights Reserved



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