Writings of Theatre (Accompanied by Music)


Please Note this music does not belong to me and as such credit must go to Rajat Tiwari Music you can find more projects by clicking the link or subscribe to get the latest releases.

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Theatre of lyrics written

to difficult to comprehend without being accompanied

by sound

by Music.


It fills the air giving rhythm,


most crucial,



Lending to the writers –



Hands cruelly grab the cranium

but gently hold

duality of contrast its effect

its aim.



are given for such a strong delicate piece

easily ripped


to that of your experienced exposure.


Eyes widened by skeletal fingers gripping in direction

meet paper,

its relationship?

That of understanding,

an agreement.


The page slowly turns from black to white

the click clacking


engulfed in water

the creaking cracks of the trees grow prevalent


The mind slowly wonders to that of the creator.

Her temperament not easily objectified.

The crescendo heightened

the mind captured.


The musicality of the composition

carefully rehearsed.


succumbed to your fancies

of comprehension.


For stability you amend

not the desired affect envisioned,

so we raise the volume

add intensity

the climax.


The floor breaks to shards

leaving you


the screaming succumbs the wavering thoughts.



The piece lays beside the banks

steadily sinking

the beating of the drums

turns to quite airiness of the choir.

© 2015 mmsalandy.wordpress.com / M.M.Salandy All Rights Reserved




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