Uncelebrated Promotions

Note: This does not happen where I work. I have heard so many stories of females pushed into stereotypical female roles at work that I decided to write about it. If my other coworkers and boss read this, you all are the best and do not fire me.

Hired as a writer,

writing is disturbed by several interruptions,



My advancements go unnoted,


I am the only female hired at this respectable firm.


I am,

the diverse employee.

My years of progress –



My coworkers say nothing.

This is the time to change.

Jim, Tim, Larry, Barry and Ram,

you are here invited to attend

the celebration of my latest promotion

‘laundry pickup’.


Raise our glasses for this special day.

The wine,

afforded through hours of babysitting your kids instead of,

commercial writings for which I was intentionally hired.

The food paid for by all the days spend making coffee left off the job description page.

The music provided by the time spend cleaning dishes out of the employee lounge area.


So cheers to you all.

Raise our glasses

the diverse employee

please don’t spill on your shirts

thank you all

For everything.

© 2015 mmsalandy.wordpress.com / M.M.Salandy All Rights Reserved



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