Good day you guys, hope you all are having a wonderful day. For the homeless there are no warm beds, no warm tea for breakfast but they do rely on the warmness of you heart. Please share the message of kindness, spread the word, and let it multiply.


(This is the song I listened to while writing, feel free to listen and read.)


Cringing faces are a daily observance on streets.

Cowering to avoid the afflicted

petrified to breathe the air,

afraid of being contaminated.


The sight of cardboard boxes has never been so alarming.

Feet hastily cross roads avoiding these distressing objects.

The view of this item sets individuals running into the rain,

fleeing for safety at the edges of roads.


Individuals avoid their favorite stores,

daily chores

at the vision

of these Sheltering boxes.


Heads are held down, so eyes don’t meet. Individuals hurry along,

afraid of being observed –

quickly passing. Terrified of being asked for help,

scared of touching fingertips at the end of dollar bills.


Fearful of the inhabitants of these items,

the homeless, the unfortunate, those who request your care.

Frightened that those afflicted by circumstance would call for your aid,

call for what’s left of humanity .


They take shelter in these boxes and watch over those in need without bias.

They are the caretakers of the streets, aiding the lost, cold and shivering.

They give what little they have,

knowing what it is like to suffer.


All it takes is one moment to look, deeply observe.

Give what little you have,

change a life,

the difference is yours to make.

© 2015 mmsalandy.wordpress.com / M.M.Salandy All Rights Reserved



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