The allure of Catgut Strings


How dare you wake them at this hour?

Drag them from their homes and immediately take their belongings.

Their insides,

their intestines.

You took them while warm

afraid that they’ll get cold,



contaminated making it unusable

You do know,

it is now that your work really begins

you have to clean them

scrape them

cut their intestines into ribbons,

soak them,

stretch them,

sort them,

twist them,

dry and polish them.

All –

for your amusement!

I know

you needed them.

You carried them because you did not have the guts to play alone.

Oh no, you needed the company; you needed them there to fill the walls

so you took them,

the sheep, goat, pigs and cows.

They are your desired choice among all other choices.

They are your preferred pick over nylon and metal.

Oh, how they fill the room,

accompanying players of harps, guitars and violins.

They bequeath onto you

the gift of sound, their sound,

heartfelt intestinal sounds.

The audience sits in silence

listen and applaud.

I guess intestines sound great.


© 2015 / M.M.Salandy All Rights Reserved



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