Disturbed pulled words

Inability to write to leads to

a disturbed mind.

Words pick at the mind

like crows pick at eyes

gnawing to see what’s inside.

Burrowing deeper only to find



The house for this mind

withdraws inward

to disturbed to smile

to participate in the world

to communicate.

Leaving what’s left for paper

YES, paper!


Day by day

sit and wait, for the words to flow

like a flood.

Its rescue

an arc.

A manuscript of words

that allows life to continue.


For now, it is a sitting game

where patience is losing.

Sit and pick at the mind

like a bird that has developed the habit of feather picking

A disastrous behavior

Caused by



Nothing left to do but wait.

Remain impatiently patient

pull words from the mind

like pulled teeth

to give to you


that it is favored.



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