Everyday taking made empty

Shelves once containing a variety of assortments now bare


Replenishments delayed

Torn scattered catalogues stick to floors

Receipts dipped in fingerprints flood the busy highways


Tearing to be fixed

Counters stained with accidental spills

Foaming frothing creations create mold on tabletops

Untreated peeled arborite lifts the seams

Bacteria eating the core

Random pages fling to the air as a bird’s feather easily plucked

Wounded – drifting high and low void of sound

Carrying pieces of residue

Tossed by the winds

Ceiling flakes gradually glide towards the ground

Filling the room with its pungent scent

Fertilizing the floor

Bearing corrosive agents of clean

Through cracks of termite-ridden doors whistles breathe

Threads of silk drape coarse jagged cabinets

Sound of leaking taps

Slow steady echoing drips fall

© 2015 / M.M.Salandy All Rights Reserved

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