The Art in Artwork

Successful art touches the soul

Themes carefully thought of

Setting made clear

Subject deliberate

Brush selections and paint strokes are meaningful

Strokes hit the canvas like keys on a piano

These are things of the past!

The days in the shop are long, tedious

So, you withdraw

Lazy applied paint flings through the air

Unintentional intention is no longer abstract but obscene

Careful strokes are absent

Contrast appears random

Tint, tones vague

The illusion of texture lacking

Symmetry of non- symmetry deficient

Placement of objects chaotically placed, composition lost

Entirety of space translated ineffectively

Texture patterns not transported into movement

The art is gone

All that is left is work.


2 thoughts on “The Art in Artwork

    • Thank you so very much! Checked out your blog you have a wide variety of great artwork. I adore paintings but sad to say I can’t paint so I try with words. OH well, have a great day.


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